Abundance Mentality.

Abundance Mentality.

The secret.

Here is the biggest secret to finding and keeping a great life partner. Surprisingly,  it does not only boil down to the actions you take, but the way you think.

Let me explain.

I remember a time in my life, in my early 30’s when I spent nearly 2 years on my own.  I used to get up in the morning, walk out of my million dollar house, get into my Porsche and drive to my thriving engineering business. In the afternoons, I went to gym on my way home, worked out, and was fit as a fiddle. At gym a lot of women glanced at me and were friendly.  Yet I never had a date for months on  end.

Is there something wrong with this picture? You bet!

You see, I had gotten out of a painful relationship, where I had been rejected by my partner on a daily basis. So I  started to believe, that no-one would ever love me, and I was simply not worth it.  And that belief came true in my life.

I just didn’t think that there was anyone out there, interested in me, and I was right.

Ok was it because I was ugly? Hardly, I had an athletes body, clear skin, was fit and healthy, and although not a Robert Redford look alike, above average looking.

Was it because I was poor and destitute? No, I had a thriving business that I owned, drove a Porsche and lived in a huge house on a hill.

So there was nothing physically, causing my dilemma. It was all in my mind.

But wait, it gets worse.

Therapy and reading lots of books, actually got me to go and take some action, to eventually get to meet some new people. Yep I did find someone, guess how that  worked out.

Deep down, I still had that limited belief, that I was totally lucky to find anyone at  all that wanted to be with me. They sensed it like a shark smelling blood in the  water. To say that I partnered up with a predator, would have been an  understatement.

The person I attracted, was a gold digger, that had no problem at all messing around with whoever she wanted to. Was it her fault, yes BUT it was more my fault. You see, I allowed it to happen in my mind first. I decided that this was the best I could do and had to put up with that behavior to actually have anyone in  my life at all.

Eventually the boundaries of even my twisted logic broke, when she came home  from another man, drunk and tried to stab me with a kitchen knife.

Why did I allow it to get that far?

Simple, I didn’t believe I had a choice. Until I realized that even being on my own again was better than living with her, did I get out of that situation.

To cut a long story short, the whole problem was me having the wrong belief system.

It took a while, but eventually, I realized that I was actually OK, and a lot of women could do a lot worse than to be with me. At that point, I also realized, that there are potentially hundreds of thousands of suitable partners for me.

The minute I started believing that, it was as if the flood gates had opened. I was meeting great potential partners everywhere, and it wasn’t long before I was off  the singles scene.

The difference.

The only difference was that I had basically accepted that there is actually a total abundance in this universe of ours. It was up to me whether to turn my back on it, or embrace this belief of abundance.That is what made the difference. Only then  did my physical actions lead me to my desires.

My external situations had not changed in any significant way. Physically I had not changed  (except getting a bit older), yet my life had totally turned around. Because I let it. I allowed my mind to accept that anything is possible, and nothing could stand in the way of a strong enough belief.

But, this realization was only brought home by severe pain.

You don’t have to go through the pain, read the above, and know that you have choices now. Choices that will let you take actions in more proactive ways. Either  way, life will end up teaching you, let it be a pleasant instead of painful lesson.

To summarize, imagine it, believe it, and watch what happens.

keep on loving


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