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How to Improve Relationships
with Feng Shui Remedies

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How to Improve Relationships with Feng Shui Remedies
by: Steven M. Ng

In order to improve relationships, many people have increasingly turned to Feng Shui remedies hoping to find a solution for their woes.

The Feng Shui used in this article is the Eight Mansion (Pa-Kua) School under the Xuan Kong System. For more information on this, and for more basics on Feng Shui, you can visit the following page:


The easiest thing you can do to activate your personal relationships is to sleep with your head pointing towards your Nien Yin (Personal Relationship) direction. For couples, it is recommended that you sleep in a bedroom located in the female’s Nien Yin corner of the house, while you sleep with both your heads pointing  towards the male’s Nien Yin direction.

In addition, be careful not to sleep under any overhead beams, as doing so is said to put pressure on your love life.


Another method to activate your Nien Yin corner and improve relationships is to place Feng Shui remedies and figurines in your Nien Yin corner. You can place these figurines in the Nien Yin corner of your bedroom, house or even your office.

The most popular of the relationship-enhancing Feng Shui remedies is the humble mandarin duck. Mandarin ducks mate for life and will die of loneliness if separated from their chosen mate. These qualities are the best reflection of true love, and  will reflect on those who use mandarin ducks in their Nien Yin corners.

Besides the mandarin duck, another remedy that can improve relationships is the rose quartz crystal. Rose quartz, also popularly known as the “love stone”, is ideal for love and relationships due to its ability to stimulate passion, energy and  confidence. These crystals should also be placed in the Nien Yin corner of your room or house.


You can also carry these relationship-healing properties with you wherever you go by either wearing mandarin duck or rose quartz necklaces, or by placing such  tokens in your wallet or handbag.


If you are interested in looking at other methods to improve relationships and marriages, you might want to consider using the BaZi techniques.

(pronounced Par Zhee) is not related to normal Feng Shui remedies. It is a form of Chinese astrology and divination, and is able to plot the course of your life using your birthdate.

Using BaZi, your strengths and weaknesses can be revealed, and you will know when your luck and prosperity cycles will peak and drop, including those crucial “clashing” points when significant changes will occur in your life. You can also find out your compatibility and relationship with your family as well as potential   spouses.

There are various aspects of your life that can be analyzed using BaZi, including health, financial prosperity and relationships. For relationships, you can read more about the BaZi Relationship Analysis Report and use the information provided in the report to improve relationships and create long-lasting love.

You may access the Kua Calculator to calculate your Nien Yin corner, as well as the BaZi report at:

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