Looking For Answers In All The Wrong Places?

Knowing where to look for answers is half the battle won……….

Looking For Answers In All The Wrong Places?

Looking around at our circumstances we may see only mountains of problems, debts piling up, fear, failure, and defeat at every corner. Maybe you’ve looked around and thought, where’s the answer, I need a new life?

Heart To Heart!

No one may be able to give you an easy answer for difficult circumstances, but there are some simple steps you can take today to neutralize the negative emotions that are making you stew in your own juice.

The most important thing to do is; stop looking at the wrong things. I didn’t say they weren’t there. But, the more we look at them, the bigger they get. The bigger they get in our minds, the more unsolvable they appear.

Time To Gird Up Your Loins!

I guarantee you, the more you think on a small problem, the bigger that sucker will get. You will be able to figure out more ways than Carter’s got little liver pills for it not to work out. That tiny little molehill, in reality, will grow into a problem harder than Chinese algebra to solve.

Because our mind has an amazing ability to show us ten ways to one how something won’t work, if it’s in our best interest to work. Have you ever wondered where that little voice inside your head got all those smart answers it feeds to   you?

Probably not; most of the time we don’t give any thought to where those answers came from. Why? Because they came from inside our own head. So, we think they  must be accurate; even when they have no basis or substance to them at all.

After all, we know more about our own life and circumstances than anyone else, right? We know better than anyone else how to fix whatever troubles us. Right? Yeah, right. But, for some reason or another, we can’t figure this one out.

Heavens To Betsy!

Well, how did all this happen? We are looking at the wrong things. We’re looking at the circumstances and the problems that surround us and then they begin to grow. The bigger a problem grows, the more ways our head will prove to us it  can’t be solved.

Let me tell you this as plainly and clear as I can: You will NEVER find your answer by looking at what’s happening in your life right now. I.e.: the problem, trouble, or whatever.

Troubles don’t have answers! They only intensify the kind of emotions that stir up more trouble. I’m not saying you can’t learn anything from them. You will learn  more from failure than from success.

It Goes Without Saying!

If you want to get yourself out of a bad situation, you must stop looking at the “bad situation”. You must stop meditating on the problem. As long as you do that, the problem will create fear in you and the fear will keep you looking at the  problem.

Serious problems may exist in your life right now. Health problems, money problems, problems on top of problems, but, I can’t stress enough that looking at them, and meditating on them will NOT make them go away or make you feel any better.

Know this! Problems and difficulties are all temporary. I know it seems like they are permanent, and at the moment, you think your goose is cooked, but, not so. If you are alive and reading this right now, then you have to admit that nothing you  have gone through so far has killed you yet.

Right? Say Yes!

Day In And Day Out!

Whatever it is, it will pass. Sooner or later. I know you want it sooner. But, I don’t know of any super-duper instant cure that will do that. Everything in this physical world is temporary. Only things of the Spirit world are permanent.

And, the Spirit world is where you should be looking. You are Spirit, Soul and Body. The Spirit has the answers you need; spend some time with your Spirit being and get to know him/her. You will find some amazing answers that will come from the  Spirit world.

How do you do it? Pretty much the same way you now meditate and look at the problems and troubles; only in reverse. Think of it this way. Problems and troubles have a need for food. That food is worry, fear and stress. The more food you give the problems, the bigger and stronger they grow.

The Spirit has a need for food also. The food the Spirit needs is faith, hope and love. The more food you give the Spirit, the stronger the Spirit grows. And, the  more the problems are reduced in size. In effect, they’re starved.

Divide And Conquer!

Worry, fear, and anxiety will pull you down. Faith, hope and love, will empower you. Worry, fear and anxiety will kill you, rob you, and destroy you. Faith, hope and love, will bring you the kind of life you really seek. Are you saying that faith, hope and love will make the bad circumstances go away? Absolutely!

In the next fifteen minutes? Possible! It is just as certain as worry, fear and anxiety bringing you a lot more of the same. Develop the habit of saying out loud everyday, I feel good, I feel happy, I feel terrific!

Those words are Spirit food. Get out of the habit of saying things like, “that’s just killing me”, “that’s just my dumb luck”, etc. You get what I’m saying. Those kinds of words are trouble food. They bring trouble.

Don’t Lose Your Head!

And, when you feel the tendency to go up and down your street telling everybody you meet about all your problems, remember this: They don’t want to hear it!!  They can’t help you and they are not your answer.

Your Spirit has the answer or seek a good Spiritual counselor. Spirit food words bring help, answers in the time of need, life, and abundance.

Now, here is a good tip to keep from shooting yourself in the foot. If circumstances are really bad, and no matter how hard you try, you still  can’t make yourself say Spirit food words, then at least, shut-up, don’t say anything at all.

No matter how bad things are, you can shut-up. You don’t have to say anything. Just sit there and grin, it makes people wonder. Bite your lip, whatever you have to do, just don’t talk, unless it’s Spirit food words.

You see, it’s “words” that give “power” to problems and it’s words that give answers to your Spirit for solving life’s troubles. But, they are never intermixed.

Foot In Mouth Disease!

You can’t say Spirit food words and trouble food words from the same mouth and expect only good things to happen. It doesn’t work that way. Don’t overlook this most powerful force for your own benefit.

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