Infidelity Of Desperate Housewives.

Why is “Desperate Housewives” so popular?

Infidelity and extramarital affairs are rife.

It’s all a sign of the times. Remember “Sex in the City”? Women are more emancipated, have more freedom, and more resources than anytime in the past. So what does all that mean. Well for one thing, they are now more prepared to show their frustrations. They don’t just accept that the man is out there doing his thing – which does not always consist of just going out to work to bring in the bacon. Men have always had the freedom to roam, and a lot of them have taken this to the extreme. They have often left behind a trail of broken hearts and shattered families.


Women are starting to get on the bandwagon.


Sexual emancipation is now no longer gender related. Both sexes are doing it. Infidelity is on the increase.  Statistics suggest that up to 40% of women and at least 60% of men, have outside relationship affairs at some time in their life. However, in studies performed recently, couple therapists reported a 50% increase in female infidelity! So there is a big possibility that someone close to is, was, or will be cheating on their partner!


OK, so the women are fighting back – but most men have no clue that their wives are having an affair. Most men find out the day their wife asks for a  divorce.


This is a life  shattering experience, (trust me I know).


Women don’t become overnight cheaters though. Many signs may have been there all along.  There are usually stages of development, to the state of infidelity. Very often, both partners contribute to these stages.  Warning signs that not all is right, usually appear long before the actual physical act of infidelity. Unfortunately most partners, don’t spot them until its too late  though.


Why do they do it?


Knowing the why, is a great help in protecting yourself from being at the wrong end of an adulterous relationship. Here are some reasons, which you may or may not understand. Also be aware that they can apply to men and women in todays’ society.


Trophy hunters. Lets see if I am attractive, powerful, rich (insert your own  attribute) ..enough to get that person to have sex with me? Lack of intimacy  in their relationship. This can be either real or perceived. Some couples just  don’t have matching sex drives, and this can lead to problems. Revenge. This, as silly as it sounds, is a huge reason for infidelity. He or she did this to me, so I will get back at them by having an affair. Totally illogical in your mind, but not in theirs. Addictive sexual tendencies, confusion or trauma. Low self  esteem. Am I good enough. If someone is willing to have sex with me, that substantiates that I’m OK Lack of love in the relationship.  A feeling of not  being cared for, lets the partner look for this feeling outside the relationship.
This then often leads to sex. Boredom………..etc.


So what are the signs?


Well if you are in a loveless relationship, you by definition already know that the potential for problems exist. Of course there are many other signs as well.


A sudden interest to work more over time Spending less time at home. Receiving phone calls at strange hours and then not sharing the callers identity Etc etc.

These are the obvious ones. Now you can play detective and look at everything with a  suspicious mind. Who wants to live that way though?


Wise partners, stay tuned into the relationship. They keep at the pulse of how both feel about each other. All too often, relationships are just left to drag on. Very often the relationship just gets left to die, though the partners  are still physically present.


Get the passion back in your life, by not letting this happen to you. Love is  something too precious to just ignore.


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