Surviving The Dating Minefield !

Surviving The Dating Minefield !

5 Simple dating secrets exposed.

A big problem facing singles today, is finding the right environment to meet  someone that is suitable and available to date. What are the most common places to meet, and what risks are involved.

1. Clubs and bars:

The long time established dating hunting ground for both sexes.

The young and frivolous. the old and needy. The beautiful people – heck nearly everyone has been to a club, disco (showing my age now), bar etc.. at some stage of their life. And yes, you can meet some great people there…. however, you need to be aware of the profile of the majority of the people you are likely to meet.

And here is the problem, there is no specific profile, you can meet from billionaire business men to the local drug addict hooker.  Possibly,  you will not even  know who , or rather what type of person you are getting involved with. So this dating can be fraught with “danger”

But if this appeals to your sense of adventure, go for it. I have met some fanatstic people at clubs. Heck I even married one – but, it turned out, we were both there by total accident, didn’t usually go to clubs, hadn’t been to a club for the last 5 years, and had no intention of making the “Club scene ” a part of our life.  (That’s my story
and I’m sticking to it).

I dare say, that this is an exception though. Summarizing, you could meet anybody,  from any walk of life, any age, and social status at these places. Are you likely to find your soulmate there? Possibly, but it’s not the likeliest place on earth, but hey you never know.

2. Public Places:

The next worst scenario for finding dates in my opinion is any other totally public place, like the beach, a concert, convention, shopping mall etc.

The same reasons as above really apply, you could meet anyone. So if you are looking for that special someone, maybe a more intelligent approach would serve you better.

3. Internet Dating:

So what about Internet dating, Matchmaking agencies, personal ads etc.

OK Now you are being a little more proactive in taking control of the type of person you will encounter. You may very well find the ” one” in these situations, but the only thing that you know (well hope) is that the other  person is also single. There are again all sorts of people using these dating services, and possibly some of them
are not as honest with their profile as you would like. At least you have narrowed it down a bit, and you have communicated a little before going on a date.

A friend of mine met outstanding partners through internet dating, so , yes it can  work. But can we increase our chances even more?

Read on.

If you could meet people that you know you have something in common with you right from the get go, that should be helpful, right?

4. Specialized Gatherings:

Consider evening classes, coffee shops in bookstores, gym, sporting clubs,trade shows and exhibitions, friends weddings etc.

The people there are likely as interested as you in the proceedings, and of a similar social standing. You can meet new friends, who allow you to expand your social circle and let you meet other people. The chances of a better match have got to be far better than just the shot in the dark situations above. But, with just a little bit more effort, dating someone from here, can really increase the likelyhood of a longterm relationship happening.

But what if you could get into settings, where you not only share the same interests, but your value systems are likely to be closely aligned? Where your lifestyle and relationship expectancies are closely matched. Where a life of growing together, achieving things that are important to both parties is very likely.

5. Targeted Specialized Gatherings:

 Toastmasters, self improvement workshops, reiki classes, yoga classes,  entrepeneurial functions, marketing seminars (or any other seminars for that matter), religious or spiritual classes and gathering spots. Do you get the drift?

All of these further narrow the focus of the prospective partner, to similar to your own. Whilst these activities are not regarded as “pickup joints” or dating meetings, and should not be used as such, they do have a very important property. They are all places where people gather. These people know people with similar interests and values, and some of those are bound to be single. Not every single person is looking for a relationship or wants to date, but a great friendship can also be very fulfilling, until the right person comes along.

On another level, mixing in the right circles sends a message to the universe as to where you are at and what you are looking for. Your chances of meeting the perfect partner have just increased exponentially! 

If you have some idea of what your ideal mate would be like (and you should), you can narrow down the places you frequent, to really increase your chances of  meeting and dating someone special.

Be patient, and open to meeting new people in that environment, and you will be astounded.

Happy dating and loving




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