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"Relationship warning signs you must not ignore."

We are all too easily caught up in the moment of a new romantic relationship.

Seeing everything through rose colored glasses is all too common at the start of a relationship.  So we ignore, or don't even notice the obvious warning signs in a new partners behaviour.

Yet these can be the death knell of the relationship before it even starts.

Ignorance is not bliss in relationships.

Awareness and control, though the most difficult too focus on, are critical when starting any relationship.

Yes you are in lust, in love, and the new person seems like sent from heaven, but now is still the best time to realize that you could be heading for trouble. Become aware, before investing a lot of time and emotion in a relationship that has little chance of long term happiness.

As clear thought processes are not the easiest to achieve at this time, here is a list of

10  things you must be aware of now:

Does your partner:

  1. Avoid discussing the past: - They could be hiding something significant, or are not prepared to work on the relationship.
  2. Does not share family, friends, relatives: - May have problems being intimate, hide anger at family members, which could later be directed at you.
  3. Meets and talks with exes, without including you: - May have a problem committing to one person, eg. you!
  4. Drinks or uses drugs: - Could be an alcoholic, or addict. Will be moody and sometimes out of control - will deny it.
  5. Very attentive, showers you with gifts, attention etc: - May be highly possessive, could end up smothering you by not giving you any space.
  6. Has financial problems: - Might just need you for your money, just be aware, don't reveal your financial situation at this stage.
  7. Never shows fear, and always takes charge: - Might be a control freak, says he is only taking care of you, but you end up with no freedom and become a prisoner of the relationship.
  8. Acts like a victim with past loves, and the world: - Victims can never be happy, you can not make them happy, no matter what you do or how good the relationship.
  9. Always noticing and flirting with members of the opposite sex: - May not be able to commit at any level and turn to cheating later on.
  10. Very involved in all family activities, puts the family first: - May not be able to include you in the family. You may always be an outsider. Would side with the family in a situation where they disagree with you. The primary relationship is with the family, you either fit in, or you are out.

These are just a few of the warning signs to be aware of in your relationship.

When confronted, they will always have an excuse, so be careful. Play detective, for your relationships' sake. You don't need to snoop, but don't just ignore these traits, they could be just the tip of an iceberg.

Remember, your long term happiness is at stake, you have every right to be aware of tell tale signs inyour relationship.

Always keep on loving.


About The Author

Who is Udo Vieth? He is fast becoming an expert on love, relationship, romance. Apart from being a qualified EFT and Biofeedback practitioner, he has been through the mill as far as relationships go. He is presently in a fulfiling relationship, but remembers the pitfalls all too well. He has set up a website: where information regarding all aspects of relationships, as well as some freebies are available.

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