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  • Longterm relationship secrets Pt3 - Here's what to do.
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Longterm relationship secrets.




Here's what to do:

Maintain and improve intimacy.

Agree and develop rituals which increase bonding and intimacy. Have a
date night, talk to each other on the phone whilst at work, just to say hi. Spend family
time together, like the family supper every night, breakfast at the weekend etc.
Have the occasional dirty weekend ,either away
or at home. Surprise your partner, bring her flowers, make his favorite
dessert, have a bear and popcorn at his chair and switch on the game on
TV for him. (I get up early in the mornings to leave for work, so I make a quick cup of
tea take it to my significant other while she is showering. A small thing, but it just shows
that I am thinking of her.)

Be kind and respectful to each other at all times. This is the person you
love and care for, not an enemy, even if you disagree with something.
When the stress of life lets you loose your cool, don't vent on your
partner, gang up on it together. And yes some times, you just need to let
each other be and give some space. Wait until a reasonable emotional state
prevails, before talking about it.

But - do talk about it. Resolve arguments. Letting something fester
will destroy any relationship. When it is earth shattering, clear the air.
If it is insignificant, clear the air. A lingering disagreement will only poison and
skew all activities by the other person, whether good or bad.

Remember what Arnold Schwarzenegger said " My wife votes for the other political party.
Well that is a disease, but I agreed to marry her in sickness and in health. Seeing that she supports the other party is a sickness,
that does not affect our marriage" OK I've paraphrased a bit, but the
message is great.  Consider anything you don't agree with as a disease,
which you accept about your partner.

Accept that you are different.

Appreciate each others differences and eccentricities, especially as man
and woman. Let him hog the TV remote, it's not important, let him be.
When she wants to discuss her feelings, listen. Most of the time she doesn't
even want your "expert" opinion, just someone to listen and be there.

Accept that your differences may cause you to have different friends. Let her
go and have coffee with her friends and peruse the mall. Let him get his
buddies over to play poker, smoke and drink beer.

Create domains of responsibility. The kitchen is her domain, the garage his.
This doesn't mean that he can't help with the dishes, or she can't help
vacuum the car. But allow yourselves to have semi private domains.
Support each others' activities, but don't hi jack them. If his buddies come
around, get some crisps and beer at the mall. When her sewing group
comes round, switch on the radiator so the room is warm for when they

In conclusioin:

There is tremendous power in the knowledge that your relationship is a
growing, changing entity. Embrace the changes, be aware of them. Work
with them, don't try to fight them.

Change is normal, as is growth or decline.
It will happen, with or without you. You have the power to choose growth
over decline.

There is a law of physics that basically states that something not tended to
will go to ruin. Don't think your relationship is exempt from this law, it isn't.
As a matter of fact I have seen this law be more ruthless in human
relationships than anywhere else. (Trust me on this one!)

Be aware, be alive, make your love last and grow.

Keep on loving, Udo




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Joke of the week:

Two law partners hire a new cute, young secretary and a
contest arises between them as to who can bed her first,
even though they're both already married.
Eventually one of them scores with her and his partner is quite eager to hear how things went.

"So what did you think?" he asks.
"Ahh," replies the first lawyer, "my wife is better."
Some time goes by, and then the second lawyer goes to bed
with the secretary. "So," asks the first guy, "what did you
The second guy replies, "You were right, your wife is better"

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