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Breast Augmentation!

Female breast enhancement is arguably becoming as common today as having an appendix removed was yesterday.

It seems that everyone is doing it.

Women want bigger breasts, firmer breasts, different shaped breasts, even smaller breasts. Why this sudden preoccupation with the female breast. Well for one thing, its because they can.

Breast augmentation surgery has become as safe as any surgery can be. Modern breast implants, though in some circles still frowned upon as being unsafe, undergo  exceptional safety tests. Women now have a choice of silicon breast implants or saline breast implants.

Look at women in any advertisement, TV or movie stars, their breasts are always pristine and used not merely as a sex symbol, but nowadays as a symbol of physical perfection. A pretty face and slim figure was always a given, but today a perky full breast is almost a necessity.

And yes, men do like beautiful breasts. However it doesn't make you less of a woman if your breasts are not large, but the perception that things could be better remains.

Is surgery necessary?

In some cases, clearly, there is no alternative. Severely sagging breasts, can have the aureole repositioned and together with implants can achieve that youthfull perky look again. There is however scarring at the healed incisions, which may never completely disappear. Scars need to be treated with lotions and special oils to reduce them as much as possible. Plastic surgery of course is expensive, painful and always a little risky. For a lot of women however, a relatively small breast enhancement, would make all the difference. And, yes there are other options.

Natural breast enlargement.

This is usually achieved by hormonal supplementation, which can work wonders to fill a breast that has merely sagged a little, due to aging, or weight loss. Oftentimes, a course of pills, some made from totally natural ingredients, taken for 3-9 months, is all that is neccessary. No need to go under the knife to get a "boob job". Also a lot of these products guaranttee a fuller and bigger breast, or your money back. Well worth a try. Apart from the much smaller financial investment required, it is also safer.

The push up bra.

Then of course there is always the good old "push up bra". This miracle of modern design, does an admirable job of presenting your assets in their best light. Very often, this is quite sufficient, to give you that required self confidence when appearing in public. Provided your self esteem is at a good level, your appearance at moments without the bra, will not be of concern to you. So it can be a great option.

Physical methods.

Another often overlooked breast enhancement method, although probably the most unpopular, can be quite effective. I am talking about exercise. No it's not a four letter word, though a lot of us treat it that way. By doing muscle tightening exercises in the upper chest area, it has the effect of pulling the fatty tissue of the breasts into a more controlled shape. Some types of physical manipulation combined with firming creams, may also be effective.


Of course arousal during lovemaking, is also very beneficial. It causes more effective blood circulation, which is beneficial in all our physical organs. So enjoying yourself, helps as well.

Consider your options.

There are countless methods, books and enhancement products on the market, some of them excellent. Consider evaluating all your options before going to have surgery.

Surgical procedures nowadays are the most controlled and surest ever, but if you don't really need it, try some of the more natural methods instead.

About The Author

Who is Udo Vieth? He is fast becoming an expert on love, relationship, romance. Apart from being a qualified EFT and Biofeedback practitioner, he has been through the mill as far as relationships go. He is presently in a fulfilling relationship, but remembers the pitfalls all too well. He has set up a website: where information regarding all aspects of relationships, as well as some freebies are available.

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