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The power of writing..

by Udo Vieth

My heart sank as I  glanced at the tattered piece of legal size paper in my hand.

I remembered it well, I had written it, many many years ago.

It was my dream list:- my list of things and experiences that I wanted to achieve in my life. It was a very long list, with  well over a 100  items on it, scribbled in pencil (just in case I changed my mind?).

The reason that my heart dropped only really came with my next activity - ticking off what I had actually achieved. Tears welled up in my eyes, when I realised that I had crossed off all but a handful of the things written there. (Things like owning my own helicopter - duh)

When I originally read about drawing up a list of my desires, in my twenties, I went about it with an attitude of disbelief, but "Hey it can't hurt" and did it anyway.

Now, like being hit with a sledgehammer, it reinforced that this was exactly the same method I had used to attract my present partner into my life.

After having my heart ripped apart by my last partner, my sensibility made me decide to use a totally different approach to relationships in the future.

I could not stand the thought of being hurt again, or ending up in a meaningless non-fulfilling relationship. So I did a very smart thing, I sat down and actually thought about what I wanted from life, and if a relationship with another person was even desirable.

The right person to share my life with sounded great, the wrong person - no thank you.

This left me in a  dilemma. And this was the best thing to ever happen to me. I had to sit down and think about what I really wanted from a partner. Not in the sense of getting stuff from them, but the attributes, mental, physical and spiritual etc

This is what I did, and you can do too.

Sit down with a pencil and a legal pad make a list of all the human traits that you can think of. At this stage do not try and separate what you are looking for from the list. Merely write down any and everything you can think of, good bad, mental physical spiritual, whatever. It is important to just let it flow naturally from your hand onto the paper.  Don't use a computer for this, manually write it down. (There are sound psychological reasons for this, which are beyond the scope of this article)

Likely you will end up with a list of over a hundred items, the more the better. These items would include things like, doesn't smoke, is sexually adventurous, is slim and attractive, is financially independent, is outgoing, loves sports etc. etc. So it covers pretty much anything.

Next draw two lines vertically down behind the list, giving you two columns. Label these "Yes" and "No". Now  tick off how you feel about the traits you have listed.

So if you are looking for a non-smoker, because you don't smoke,  tick "No" for smoker in the list. Work your way down the list from item to item, and tick off whether that was a trait you definitely wanted with a "yes", a trait you definitely did not want with a "No" and if it really didn't matter one way or the other, just leave the column blank. When this is complete, you have a list describing your ideal partner. You are now 95% ahead of the game in your chance of ending up in a great relationship.

Glance over your list a few times, and think carefully about your choices. You might want to copy out your list of "Yes" on a sheet of new paper, to have a summary of what you really want.

What you have just done, is actually programmed your mind, to attract into your life your ideal mate. This works. Period.

By writing it down, you have  released the energy into the universe to start acting on your behalf and finding your ideal partner.

A word of warning! This is extremely important. This is such a powerful method, that you need to make 1000% sure of what you
ask for. Trust me on this one.

Remember that this method is for attracting the correct persons into your life. There are still other aspects of relationships that are of course vital for long term happiness. Always be aware that any relationship is a two way street. You have to play your part as well. It is just so much easier with the right partner.

By using the above, you have put yourself into the game of finding happiness so much more effectively, than you would ever believe. Keep an open mind, and miracles could happen.


About The Author

Who is Udo Vieth? He is fast becoming an expert on love, relationship, romance. Apart from being a qualified EFT and Biofeedback practitioner, he has been through the mill as far as relationships go. He is presently in a fulfiling relationship, but remembers the pitfalls all too well. He has set up a website: where information regarding all aspects of relationships, as well as some freebies are available.

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