Cheating Wives.

More and more women are doing it………

Cheating Wives

Cheating Wives
Why Do They Cheat? 
Dr. Reena Sommer
One of the greatest misconceptions about infidelity concerns¬† who is doing the cheating. Common belief would have it that it is men who are the ones who are doing the cheating. However, based on the number of web searches, the most common infidelity-related term is “cheating wives”. The question therefore is – what would account for the disparity is people’s perceptions about infidelity? Why is the common belief that it is husbands who are cheating when the concern is really about cheating wives?

In answering these questions, it may be worthwhile to consider why anyone
would cheat on their spouse or partner. Clearly, if people are in satisfying relationships, there should be no reason to cheat or stray. When true intimacy (and not just sex) exists in a relationship, it would seem absolutely crazy to jeopardize it.

Causes of Infidelity and Cheating Wives The major cause of infidelity for women as well as men is being in a relationship that does not meet their needs. It’s being in relationship that is empty and lonely. It is a relationship that is void of feeling valued, cared for and respected. These basic cornerstones of emotional intimacy as essential to relationships and supercede financial and physical assets.

So the next time you hear about a friend or relative who’s wife has been caught cheating, stop for a moment to think about their relationship. Were they a couple who valued and cherished each other? Or were they a couple who simply existed in an empty shell of a relationship?